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Welcome to Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine (PCLM)!

Lifestyle Medicine involves the therapeutic use of lifestyle, and other non-drug modalities, to prevent, treat, and, more importantly, reverse lifestyle-related, chronic disease.

The PCLM is a non-profit member benefit organization. Our members are healthcare professionals and advocates, committed to the use of lifestyle change as a primary form of treatment for chronic conditions.

The PCLM serves its members by advancing the field of lifestyle medicine, promoting excellence in clinical practice and advocating on behalf of medical and public policy issues related to the practice and promotion of lifestyle medicine.

About Us

Founded in 2015, the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine (PCLM) is the first Philippine national medical specialty society for healthcare professionals who utilize lifestyle interventions as the primary therapeutic tool in the treatment and management of disease.

Our Contacts

Health and Wellness Office
Adventist Medical Center Manila
1975, Donada Street, Pasay City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

+632 525 9191 local 642